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Real Justice by Ted Wachtel — $20

Conferencing Handbook by Terry O’Connell, Ben Wachtel, Ted Wachtel — $30

Safer, Saner Schools (Articles from Schools) — $20

Restorative Practices Handbook by Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, Ted Wachtel — $15

Restorative Circles in Schools by Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, Ted Wachtel — $15



Four Conferences DVD — $40

Managing Shame DVD — $50

Beyond Zero Tolerance DVD — $40

Roundtable Discussions DVD 1 — $30

Roundtable Discussions DVD 2 — $30

Family Voices Video DVD — $40

Burning Bridges DVD — $40

Toxic Talk DVD — $40

Endeavour High School DVD — $30

Building Our Community DVD — $30

West Philadelphia High DVD — $20


Restorative Practice Posters & Cards

A4 Size Sheets — $2

A3 Restorative Questions Sheet — $5

A3 Practice Domains Sheet — $5

Box of RJ Question Cards (200) — $25

Echidna–Hoberman Mini Sphere — $30


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